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Our Privacy Policy

HortLee's Habitat takes extreme caution in respecting your privacy. We will never collect personal information, pass information on to third parties or solicit business. You will only receive an email from us with regard to an order, if you've requested information, or as a courtesy if you've asked us for notification of a product in stock. Shopping with us is a choice, and we respect every aspect  of your identity as you do so.


HortLee's Habitat uses a browser feature known as a cookie, which assigns a unique identification to your computer and help pages load faster on follow-up visits. These cookies do not track your information and are only to help make your visits more enjoyable.


Certified iSafeSite Member


HortLee's Habitat is a member of the iSafeSite community of trusted and monitored websites that adhere to strict privacy and safe shopping practices. The organization was founded to combat fraud and privacy issues on the internet. Surfing the web today can be dangerous so you need to know who you can trust.  iSafeSite offers verification of website privacy and safe shopping practices to insure a quality and safe experience for the public.


Our Copyright Policy

HortLee's Habitat strictly enforces its intellectual property rights against unauthorized users. The images and accompanying item descriptions and information appearing on our website and/or sent by email per request, are protected by copyright and not available for general use. Anyone who reproduces, copies, distributes or displays any photos, text or materials within, without the written permission of HortLee's Habitat, is liable for copyright infringement and could face criminal and/or civil penalties.


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Our Security Policy

Security of your personal information is extremely important to us!
In the time we were planning our site, we spent months reviewing just about every payment and shopping cart option available and built several test sites with all the bells and whistles allowing customers  to sign in, check orders and store personal and credit card information on-line for future use.  It was quite an eye-opening experience as we found so many vulnerabilities in using these programs. So, we chose to continue processing your information directly on and through PayPal's secure site. We are fully aware of the many controversial issues out there with regard to PayPal,  but we have come to understand their policies and respect their reasoning for each and every one of them.


PayPal offers the highest level of security and least vulnerability for credit card fraud on the internet, bar none. You will not drop your items into a shopping cart located on our site nor will you enter your personal and credit card information on our server. The reason being, the internet has become a breeding place for fraud, and we are extremely proactive in helping you to protect your identity. Is it a bit antiquated? ... Yes it is and not much to our liking, but more important ... is it safe? You can rest assured it is very safe.


HortLee's Habitat is verified secure with a GeoTrust SSL. If you've entered our store through The Linen Reserve or The Inside Outhouse, this seal may not readily be present as these domain names are secondary and redirect to our main site. If for some reason this seal is not present, please visit GeoTrust to view our validation.


Every software program we tested processed information so that your personal records would be stored on our server. We chose not to put your purchase details or personal information on our server or anywhere it doesn't need to be.


We are often asked if we will take credit cards by phone or email because of the fear of putting credit card information on-line. We do not and the reason being, by giving your credit card information over the phone or by email, you are at a much greater risk of theft than with a secure site on the internet. Email is the internet too, and most email providers provide absolutely no security, but phone lines and especially cell phone lines, can be and are intercepted. We had this happen to us with a well know company you'd never expect, and we will never risk it happening to you.


We are taking every precaution we know of to keep your information secure and centrally located. We do not see, nor do we  need to see or collect, any information from you other than the detail of your order.  Every order is carefully checked prior to accepting and processing, and any information you provide with an order is extremely confidential and safe in one place. PayPal allows us the ability to make this guarantee.


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