Polo/Ralph Lauren [PRL] Copyright Law

Why are Ralph Lauren composite photos not posted our our site?

Ralph Lauren bedding collection composite photos as well as all photos presented by Ralph Lauren in the sale of their products, are protected under PRL Copyright Law. Since our site is heavily used for reference, these photos have been removed in an effort to help protect PRL Copyright Law and reduce the illegal copying and use for sales by auction and non-contractual web sites.

PRL Copyright Law prohibits the use of any photo, whether reproduced from packaging or found on a contractual web site, for the purpose of selling Polo/Ralph Lauren merchandise.  PRL's Legal department monitors all auctions and web sites, and any listing found using a PRL Copyright photo without authorized permission from PRL, will be terminated, liable of copyright infringement and could face legal penalties.

You are welcome to request a composite photo from us for personal reference only and are prohibited from use of a photo for any other purpose. Fulfillment of any such request is at our sole discretion.

Thank you for your time in reading this policy and we appreciate your help in protecting the rights of Polo/Ralph Lauren.