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Please don't hesitate to let us know what you're looking for!  We frequently receive new stock and are always more than happy to keep your request on file and let you know if your item(s) come in.  Please keep in mind that patterns out of circulation for many years will most like never be available again.


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Below are some guidelines by category. Please read the information pertaining to your need prior to submitting a request for notification.  If an item it is not listed for sale in our store, we do not have it in stock.


All merchandise we currently have in stock is listed on our site, and ask that if we do not have an item/pattern listed for purchase, that you submit your inquiry as a 'Notification Request' through our contact form and we will be more than happy keep your request on file.  Please note that this service is provided absolutely FREE  and we are unable to guarantee your item(s) will come in. Due to the nature of our business, we are unable to order items as all of our stock has been discontinued. New stock arrives frequently, so please do check back!


Due to the amount of time spent in looking for items in the past with no response from those
who requested them, we are no longer able to spend time in search of items as we once did.
We will however, keep your request on file for notification.


Information by Designer/Category:


Ralph Lauren is our specialty line and we love keeping up with his collections and welcome all inquiries. Collections that have been out of circulation for several years will most likely be impossible to come by but we just never know what will come in and are always on the lookout, so please never hesitate to ask us for help with any pattern.


We receive inquiries frequently for the Medieval Collection, which includes the  Guinevere and Galahad patterns and as well for the Jardiniere Collection which includes Bertrand Stripe and Rossellini.  We've received hundreds of requests for these patterns and due to the length of time out of circulation, we are no longer taking requests as it's highly unlikely they will show up again unless reinstated.


Ralph Lauren bed collection composites are no longer posted on our site due to legal issues. More information about this can be found throughout our site.


Tommy Hilfiger stock does come in on occasion so please let us know what you need. Tommy's Elizabeth Anne has remained one of his most popular and here again, it is highly unlikely anything will come in again. We do have many requests for this collection on file. Please never hesitate to ask to be notified about any of his past collections.


Since Laura Ashley closed operations in the U.S., many of her classic collections are near impossible to find, but pieces do show up from time to time so please don't hesitate to ask. We have been and will be listing stock from these collections which are from her now closed U.S. "Home Stores," and these will most likely be the last of the classics we're able to obtain. 


'LifeStyles'  is the newest Laura Ashley line that was manufactured in the U.S. and introduced into the U.S. market after her stores were closed. We love the classics and work a great deal with them, but will carry limited stock from the Lifestyles collection from time to time.


Calvin Klein collections are near impossible to find when they have been discontinued for several months and/or years. We do receive stock quite frequently but normally stock that comes in is from recently discontinued  collections however, we will certainly always be happy to keep any request on file. Please keep in mind that finding stock from old collections will likely be close to impossible. We have many requests on file for the  Anemone & Umbria Collections and it is highly unlikely that any pieces will show up due to the length of time these collections have been out of circulation.


We carry several past Waterford table linens and do/will  on occasion offer Waterford bedding, so please check back or let us know what you need.



Occasionally, we receive stock from other designer lines such as Waverly and Nautica. These collections can be found under our Misc designer link. We do not keep up with collections of these designers or have information or resources for collections other than those that we have listed.


If you are looking for discontinued  wallpaper that is from a wallpaper book, contact your local wallpaper stores and/or specialty fabric shops who carry designer line books and/or the distributor of the book for information on where you may be able to obtain this paper.  You may also want  to do an internet search and contact every supplier of the line you're interested in. or shop eBay.com, where you will find several wallpaper distributors selling discontinued lines through their eBay stores. Searching with descriptive terms such as 'blue paisley wallpaper'  will be helpful as many times manufacturer names and/or patterns names may be unknown.


When looking for fabric, you may also want to do an internet search for every company that carries the fabric line you're interested in and/or contact the company itself to see if they can help. You may find many of the older  Laura Ashley fabrics available through eBay's European (eBay UK) market. Laura Ashley does operate stores in Europe and has an on-line store, but as far as we know, they do not ship out of the country. Other fabrics can also be found on eBay in seller stores however, we suggest to shop with caution because many times fabric shorts have been cut from sheets or bedding items and are not off the bolt. Searching as well by description may be helpful as many times names are unknown.


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