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What is the Big Bottom Drawer?


The Big Bottom Drawer  is the part of our store where you can find all kinds of odds and ends that range from  brand new to irregular and gently used. It's where you can find bits and pieces of things we've found and many items  we think are unique or fun, many of which are no longer available. It's also where you can find closeout lots.  All details are disclosed with each item so you know what to expect. 


Items in our Bottom Drawer are not returnable so we urge you to ask as many questions

 as you need to prior to purchase.


What can you find in our Big Bottom Drawers?


Coming soon! -- In the  Collectibles drawer you will find several  household items, both new and used. Items range from home and garden decor to jewelry and collectibles. All details are disclosed with each item but please ask questions if you have any concerns.


Stock Odds is where you can find our designer odds and ends not only in bedding, but in clothing and accessories as well. All items in this department are brand new and range from designer bedding that perhaps we do not know what collection it belongs,  to  odds and ends from designer bedding and clothing lines as well as bedding lines that are not found in our Miscellaneous Designer shop. Here you can also find closeout lots of good offered at great prices.


Coming soon!


Extra precautions will be taken in disclosing as many measurements as we can with our clothing items. Please feel free to ask questions about any measurement you may need prior to purchase. Keep in mind that these items are not returnable.


Please feel free to ask as many  questions as you'd like as we're always here to help!


Our  Irregulars drawer  is stock that we've taken in that has a slight defect or is gently used and will save you money if not looking for brand new or perfection. These items may or may not include all packaging inserts and labels attached to these products will be identified if removed or cut.


We've had many requests to carry irregulars. The defects in these  items may be in the size, stitching or color dyes and in most cases will go unnoticed and not affect the use. We've described these items as best as we can so you know what to expect.  If you have questions, please let us know.


Gently Used stock is stock that we've taken in that may or may not have been used. In most cases it may have just been used for a store display or in a never or rarely used guest room. Our description of the condition of each item is fully disclosed.


All irregular bedding is brand new but will not be in original packaging unless otherwise stated. Gently used items as well will not be in original packaging and we promise these items to be in extremely good if not like new condition.







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