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Find information on linen measurements and the fabric yardage equivalents here.


Need help identifying a pattern?

Just send a request through our contact form and we will be in touch with additional information as to how we can help!


Need item(s) to complete a set?

We're happy to keep your request on file and notify you if your item(s) come in. Please contact us to let us know what pattern, size and pieces you need!


Important Note:

Please keep in mind as you shop that we can only fill orders for the number of items as listed IN STOCK on our product pages. We do not use drop-down boxes because we chose to picture and describe each item to the fullest which includes sizing in inches and centimeters.


Our shopping cart will not notify you if you submit an order over the quantity in stock. We apologize, but due to the nature of our business, we are unable to order merchandise and your order will be filled accordingly. If you have any questions, please do let us know!


Found something on auction and wonder why it's so inexpensive or the price is outrageous ?

For some reason we've recently received  several calls about items on auction (ie., price / quality), and a few from those who purchased an item only to be extremely disappointed.  We always suggest to shop with caution on auction sites and ask the seller a lot of questions before you bid on something sight unseen.


Unbeknownst to most auction sellers, the merchandise they are selling is in fact not first quality or first run, (original collection) merchandise.  How can you tell? More often than not, the fabric quality and finishing details.


Many items sold on auction sites such as eBay, have actually been distributed through discount stores such as the TJX companies, where any one of us can shop on a daily basis. Many items you'll find out there were more than likely purchased as well from a Westpoint Stevens outlet store. Westpoint Stevens manufactures lines such as Ralph Lauren, Martha Stewart, Disney & others. They went bankrupt in 2007 and the stores were closed. These outlet stores were under contract to sell only irregular or second quality merchandise under their licensing laws. So, you may just be sacrificing quality for cost.


Also we suggest to shop with extra caution when dealing with outrageous pricing on items that are no longer in circulation. The price is bumped of course  due to the rarity, but just because it's out there doesn't make it an original collection piece worth the price. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable seller who purchased quality item(s) and if not disclosed in the listing, be sure to ask how each piece is finished to the very last detail. Request pictures if they're not shown of all of the pieces if sold in a set. Reverse fabrics can differ and/or ruffles, cording or other details be lacking and the most likely flaw will be in the quality of fabric. You may want to ask when and where the items were purchased but don't be surprised if you don't get an honest answer, if one at all.

Read on about second run merchandise.


What does an item listed as a second run mean ?

A second run is an item that was manufactured after the original collection has gone out of circulation. These runs are always manufactured in a different manner from the original collection be it in the finishing touches, the print or in the quality of fabric. We normally will not take in a second that is not of the same coloring as the original collection but at times we have a piece from a collection that we had not had in stock so we have no way of knowing. All second run merchandise is marked as such and can be found in our Bottom Drawer irregulars. Please keep in mind that Bottom Drawer stock is not returnable so we urge you to ask as many questions as you'd like prior to purchase.


Will you buy bedding I have on hand?

No. We have received many requests to purchase products from customers and may in the future have a customer store and/or chat room where you can talk about and/or sell your products through our site, but currently we purchase solely through our contracted suppliers.


What is the difference between a comforter and a duvet?

A duvet is another word for comforter but is often misused in reference to a comforter cover, which is a pocketed cover normally with buttons on one side and used to cover and protect your down or alternative filled comforter. We list all of our covers as "Duvet/Comforter Cover" to eliminate any confusion.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why are patterns shown when they are Out of Stock ?

Our site is quite often used as a research tool for pattern identification so we leave many photos available. If you would like to know more about any 'Out of Stock' pattern and the coordinate patterns within a collection, use the Search our Site link at the top of any page and simply search for that pattern. Among the results you will be able to find the page for that pattern that sits in our Library. There are also many patterns in our Library that are not shown so if you know a pattern name, by searching for it you may well find it out there.


I placed an order and never received confirmation ?

We respond to each and every order, once with a confirmation of your order, and a second time when your order ships with tracking information. If you did not receive a confirmation email from us, most likely we have received an email from your server stating the address you provided is invalid. If you have a PayPal account, please check to be sure your email address is up to date.


When I click on a photo on a collection page it doesn't link and I want to purchase something in that pattern ?

All of our pages will show the patterns within that collection if we have this information to share with you. These photos will only link to other pages if that pattern is not available on the current page, and/or if we have stock available. If the photo does link, the caption or name will be shown in crimson. If the pattern is not available within the page and does not link, we do not have anything in stock. These collections photos are shown so that you know which patterns are within a collection and does not mean that we have them in stock.


Do you have this item in stock ?

If an item is not listed in our store, we do not have it in stock. Please  Contact as by submitting a request for notification and we will be more than happy to let you know if an item does come in.


Do you have additional pieces of this item in stock ?

All of our stock is listed. If we only have one (1) listed, we only have one in stock. Note: Our shopping cart will not notify you if you've purchased above stock limits so please pay close attention to the number listed with each item as IN STOCK


Will you give me a discount on this item ?

We apologize, but all pricing is discounted from original collection pricing and we do not offer additional or individual discounts.


Will you take my order by phone?

We do not take orders via phone for security reasons. All orders must be placed through our site.


Can you get this item for me or tell me where I can find it?

Since we deal mainly with discontinued collections, we are unable to order as these items are no longer available from the manufacturer. We would love to be able to hunt for items as we once did, but we found that we spent a lot of time in locating items only to be left hanging. We will however, be more than happy to keep a request on file for notification if an item comes in.


We try to keep up with who has what, so if we know where you may be able to find what you need, we're more than happy to let you know. We're here to help in any way we can. Please visit The Hunted House for more information about finding things you need by designer.


Are shams and pillowcases sold in sets of two?

Pillow shams are sold individually. We often have a customer surprised when they receive a sham that there were not two. No matter where you shop, shams are sold by piece (1), not by pair (2). On very rare occasion, a collection will offer shams packaged in sets of two (2).  If this is the case, we will note such within the item's description.


Pillowcases are almost always packaged in pairs (2) but if we happen to have one from a broken set, or a collection that sells pillowcases individually packaged, we will note it on our page as one (1) pillowcase.


What is a european pillow and sham?

A european (or euro) pillow is one that measures 26 x 26 in. (66 x 66 cm) and is normally used as a decorative pillow at the headboard behind your standard pillows. Shams are the decorative covers and are manufactured to fit the european pillow. Typically, one (1) is used on a twin bed, two (2) on a full or queen size bed and three (3) on a king size bed.


Is all of your bedding brand new?

All of the products within our designer categories are brand new and in original packaging.  We've had received several requests to carry irregulars which are less costly due to slight manufacturing defects which could be in size, stitching, finishing or color dyes. These defects are normally not very noticeable and do not affect the use of the item. Irregulars can be found in our Big Bottom Drawer and we do our best to describe the irregularities so you know what to expect.


On occasion, we may also offer some 'Gently Used' products which means that these items have been used for display purposes or in an unused or very occasionally used guest room but are in very good if not like-new condition. These can also be found in our Big Bottom Drawer in the Irregulars department and will be very limited. Bedding is very personal to most people, but there are those out there looking for items for rental properties or other entities or those just hoping to find a replacement of any kind in a pattern they love. We will never sell items that look worn or do not meet our standards and of course, will always disclose any information regarding these products.


We try to offer the very best description we can of any Irregular and Gently Used products so you know exactly what you are purchasing as all items in our Big Bottom Drawer are not returnable.


I called and left a message. No one returned my call?

If your question is answered in our Frequently Asked ?s, your call will not be returned. You can almost always count on email being answered first!  We answer many questions here and also have notes throughout our site about our products.


We receive numerous calls asking for a particular item.  If it's not currently listed on our site, it is not in stock at this time.  We will respond to your request via our contact form once it is submitted but will not return calls regarding these inquiries. The reason is that all we will be able to tell you via phone is that we do not have the item in stock at this time and you will have to complete our contact form to be included in any notification of product we receive.


We ask that you please complete our contact form so that we have your information on file and to be notified if your item(s) becomes available. We will not call to notify you if something does come in but will notify by email only with a link to purchase a product. Please keep in mind that collections have been discontinued when they reach our site and many will not be available again but we can always hope!


To find a pattern, click "Search our Site" at the top of any page and type in one word of a pattern name for best search results.  If we have it or the pattern is in our Library,  it will be listed in the search results.


Please feel free to send us an email about anything through our contact form for the fastest response to your questions. We're always here to help!.

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